chrome hearts

ring hing United States team 3,
brothers mood is a bit complicated.
On the one hand,
only bought 1 tickets on the line of the 12 super hero,
for my pursuit of cost-effective,
feeling very excited; on the other hand,
the red and blue camp turns double face brush,
but still cannot read why they each tear,
anger! In the 3 in the United States team captain,
and Bucky have been made of sugar,
and the cinema of the iron shield and shield of winter party party will play up,
they always want to do not understand a question about the winter soldier and plum this mystery,
there are many,
for example.
(final welfare!) On May 14th -15,
click [read] challenge beauty 3 team guess the movie and forwarded this WeChat,
the circle of friends [] to time WeChat screenshot Jun,
every day there will be 3 buddy movie theme for refrigerator or a brooch! (random delivery) is the prize attractive? At 16:00 on May 16th,
[winners] can view the list,
only three brush people,
dare to point [read the original]