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[loud] Zheng and island, Liu Donghua, Guo Guangchang is Mimi

ring e island said Liu Donghua,
once the China entrepreneur magazine,
Chinese entrepreneur and founder of the club,
now is the identity of the positive and the islands founder,
established by the mobile Internet social networking platform for entrepreneurs.
He is familiar with almost all important Chinese entrepreneurs,
and this weeks dialogue invited Fosun Group Chairman Guo Guangchang is a good friend,
in the face of Fosuns overseas investment,
Liu Donghua will have what kind of evaluation? Why would he issued a complain and dont eat food alone for Guo Guangchang? Please pay more attention to CCTV dialogue program at 21:50 on May 15th! Source: positive and island (ID:zhenghedao) editor: Mark,
I will use a few words to sum up,
(Guo Guangchang) is a laughing and weaving of the top killer.
Guangchang is indeed very happy,
he saw good things,
he felt,
want to have,
he has the strength to have.
People may envy him,
need strength.
But I think the more important thing is that after self