chrome hearts

Because you are not important, so he is not high EQ

ring ld classmate ceramic rabbit has meeting,
graduated from high school has not met,
even the phone did not pass,
I looked at her smiling face didnt remember her name,
but she do not mind sit on my side of the vacancy,
after greeting the weather dress and asked me: do you remember that XXX? The XXX in her mouth is one of my great friends,
tentatively called miss V.
I remember,
she was sitting after the table,
I was about to say when it found the old classmates left a mouth of disdain and disgust,
and promptly stopped the car.
Is it,
you dont know,
I want to go to her city to take a test last month,
the thinking of a stranger,
just old classmates there told her to go to her house to stay a few days after the exam to play a game,
but you know what she said? I filled my brain with a sneer at miss V.
Did she refuse you? Opposite the point immediately head like a chicken pecking yes,
I will also removed a lot of talent to her micro signal,
she just gave me back,
Im not u