chrome hearts

Apple Data unexpectedly hid a chip in 10 dollars a dare you buy it

ring inning of todays sister kicked the first to tell you a story,
beginning very frightened,
sad ending.
Once there was a woman to travel,
mobile phone data line power failure suddenly struck,
she searched for,
for a long time to find a shop selling the data line,
the joy of second days and found no matter,
at this time,
someone to lend her a,
however not a day off again.
Its buddy,
once in a digital store,
spent about 20 dollars to buy a golden line,
did not expect the first time to use,
each plug in your computer,
mobile phone will be out of line or the cable accessories has not yet been authenticated,
so it can not fit this iPhone work reliably.
The little fellow angrily lifted the table and ran into the egg.
A small survey kicked sister,
found a lot of people have had a similar experience,
digital store,
a small roadside supermarket,
then bought a 10 yuan,
15 metadata line,
find links to the computer,
always said failure,
a little better can charge a little,