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Another beauty fell, she is CCTV beauty before, the host is only 44 years old

ring  the famous hostess of CCTV,
died from cancer of stomach to liver cancer.
Fang Jing was born in June 1971,
23 years old to become China News column anchor,
has served as Oriental time and space,
focus interview,
international observation and other famous column host.
Rich daughter Lin Shuru regardless of the familys strong opposition,
married the poor boy Terry Gou.
When Terry Gous career was not smooth,
Lin Shuru opened his family and borrowed 700 thousand yuan.
The result of mutual support between two people is that the poor boy who started his hard work started to become the richest man in Taiwan.
For thirty years,
Lin Shuru has been with Terry Gou,
with him to create the market value of 300 billion NT of the Hon Hai empire.
When Lin Shuru should enjoy life,
she was suffering from breast cancer.
rich and poor,
is cheap and cheap.
Guo lady died in would rather die than removal of the breast oath,
at the age of 55! Terry Gou,
three months later,
married a younger wife youn