chrome hearts

90 girls took the Quanzhen long she shared with us his journey

ring is for sale,
with an average wage of 5000 and a better performance.
I refused,
because sales are not the same as what I am seeking.
My goal is very clear,
that is,
to become a monk,
it is not a pity to give up this opportunity.
In 2013,
after graduating from Sichuan Vocational College of Chemical Industry,
the 90 girl Zhong Siyuan,
gave up 5000 yuan monthly salary work,
choose in Xuyong County,
Danshan Jade Emperor view of the house.
the bell told the Beijing News (micro signal: bjnews_xjb) reporter,
when the monk was not a hot head,
is iron heart.
It is enough for everyone to be touched by what she has done so as to understand and pass on traditional culture.
On April 26th,
jade Sichuan County of Xuyong province Danshan 90 long Zhong Siyuan in the boxing athletes.
Correspondent Li Xin photo monk thought never wavered in Beijing News: from 2013 to now,
home for nearly 3 years,
look back now,
choose a monk is a hot head or deliberate? Zhong Siyuan: not hot headed.
I had this