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90 girls took the Quanzhen long she shared with us his journey

ring is for sale,
with an average wage of 5000 and a better performance.
I refused,
because sales are not the same as what I am seeking.
My goal is very clear,
that is,
to become a monk,
it is not a pity to give up this opportunity.
In 2013,
after graduating from Sichuan Vocational College of Chemical Industry,
the 90 girl Zhong Siyuan,
gave up 5000 yuan monthly salary work,
choose in Xuyong County,
Danshan Jade Emperor view of the house.
the bell told the Beijing News (micro signal: bjnews_xjb) reporter,
when the monk was not a hot head,
is iron heart.
It is enough for everyone to be touched by what she has done so as to understand and pass on traditional culture.
On April 26th,
jade Sichuan County of Xuyong province Danshan 90 long Zhong Siyuan in the boxing athletes.
Correspondent Li Xin photo monk thought never wavered in Beijing News: from 2013 to now,
home for nearly 3 years,
look back now,
choose a monk is a hot head or deliberate? Zhong Siyuan: not hot headed.
I had this

Apple Data unexpectedly hid a chip in 10 dollars a dare you buy it

ring inning of todays sister kicked the first to tell you a story,
beginning very frightened,
sad ending.
Once there was a woman to travel,
mobile phone data line power failure suddenly struck,
she searched for,
for a long time to find a shop selling the data line,
the joy of second days and found no matter,
at this time,
someone to lend her a,
however not a day off again.
Its buddy,
once in a digital store,
spent about 20 dollars to buy a golden line,
did not expect the first time to use,
each plug in your computer,
mobile phone will be out of line or the cable accessories has not yet been authenticated,
so it can not fit this iPhone work reliably.
The little fellow angrily lifted the table and ran into the egg.
A small survey kicked sister,
found a lot of people have had a similar experience,
digital store,
a small roadside supermarket,
then bought a 10 yuan,
15 metadata line,
find links to the computer,
always said failure,
a little better can charge a little,

[] homemade spicy prawn Midnight Poison S01E19 sign

ring v_movier life,
just a minute night is a film by poison field MagicTV produced a short series of delicacy class,
you see beautiful taste.
Spicy crawfish spicy taste delicious,
bright red color,
texture Huanen,
taste spicy,
become a summer classic snack street stall.
It is Midnight Poison model,
stir the secret here,
do not hurry up! Attention to magic food,
reply S119 access to spicy prawns detailed production methods,
the new film,
the new film field is the next generation of media companies,
focusing on new media film and television production release.
We brought together a number of outstanding creative people,
online video content produced all kinds of popular with young people,
and through the video website,
Internet TV,
high-speed rail and other channels to distribute work.
Click read the text to view the content

Another beauty fell, she is CCTV beauty before, the host is only 44 years old

ring  the famous hostess of CCTV,
died from cancer of stomach to liver cancer.
Fang Jing was born in June 1971,
23 years old to become China News column anchor,
has served as Oriental time and space,
focus interview,
international observation and other famous column host.
Rich daughter Lin Shuru regardless of the familys strong opposition,
married the poor boy Terry Gou.
When Terry Gous career was not smooth,
Lin Shuru opened his family and borrowed 700 thousand yuan.
The result of mutual support between two people is that the poor boy who started his hard work started to become the richest man in Taiwan.
For thirty years,
Lin Shuru has been with Terry Gou,
with him to create the market value of 300 billion NT of the Hon Hai empire.
When Lin Shuru should enjoy life,
she was suffering from breast cancer.
rich and poor,
is cheap and cheap.
Guo lady died in would rather die than removal of the breast oath,
at the age of 55! Terry Gou,
three months later,
married a younger wife youn

Because you are not important, so he is not high EQ

ring ld classmate ceramic rabbit has meeting,
graduated from high school has not met,
even the phone did not pass,
I looked at her smiling face didnt remember her name,
but she do not mind sit on my side of the vacancy,
after greeting the weather dress and asked me: do you remember that XXX? The XXX in her mouth is one of my great friends,
tentatively called miss V.
I remember,
she was sitting after the table,
I was about to say when it found the old classmates left a mouth of disdain and disgust,
and promptly stopped the car.
Is it,
you dont know,
I want to go to her city to take a test last month,
the thinking of a stranger,
just old classmates there told her to go to her house to stay a few days after the exam to play a game,
but you know what she said? I filled my brain with a sneer at miss V.
Did she refuse you? Opposite the point immediately head like a chicken pecking yes,
I will also removed a lot of talent to her micro signal,
she just gave me back,
Im not u

When I'm old

ring indulge in black blood,
do not stop me! In those days,
the eldest sister,
now only one person alone drink! I am old is the square dance flower Benben: I dont,
Im going to play mahjong,
the quintessence of Chinese culture can not be broken read more exciting!

ring hing United States team 3,
brothers mood is a bit complicated.
On the one hand,
only bought 1 tickets on the line of the 12 super hero,
for my pursuit of cost-effective,
feeling very excited; on the other hand,
the red and blue camp turns double face brush,
but still cannot read why they each tear,
anger! In the 3 in the United States team captain,
and Bucky have been made of sugar,
and the cinema of the iron shield and shield of winter party party will play up,
they always want to do not understand a question about the winter soldier and plum this mystery,
there are many,
for example.
(final welfare!) On May 14th -15,
click [read] challenge beauty 3 team guess the movie and forwarded this WeChat,
the circle of friends [] to time WeChat screenshot Jun,
every day there will be 3 buddy movie theme for refrigerator or a brooch! (random delivery) is the prize attractive? At 16:00 on May 16th,
[winners] can view the list,
only three brush people,
dare to point [read the original]

[loud] Zheng and island, Liu Donghua, Guo Guangchang is Mimi

ring e island said Liu Donghua,
once the China entrepreneur magazine,
Chinese entrepreneur and founder of the club,
now is the identity of the positive and the islands founder,
established by the mobile Internet social networking platform for entrepreneurs.
He is familiar with almost all important Chinese entrepreneurs,
and this weeks dialogue invited Fosun Group Chairman Guo Guangchang is a good friend,
in the face of Fosuns overseas investment,
Liu Donghua will have what kind of evaluation? Why would he issued a complain and dont eat food alone for Guo Guangchang? Please pay more attention to CCTV dialogue program at 21:50 on May 15th! Source: positive and island (ID:zhenghedao) editor: Mark,
I will use a few words to sum up,
(Guo Guangchang) is a laughing and weaving of the top killer.
Guangchang is indeed very happy,
he saw good things,
he felt,
want to have,
he has the strength to have.
People may envy him,
need strength.
But I think the more important thing is that after self