chrome hearts

You never know how Japanese worship France

ring n Lily mention Japan in France,
it is the capital of TRUE LOVE!! Exports of the two countries to each other,
instant upgrade affixed to the high,
up label,
not to say that the two peoples respect for each others admiration is self-evident.
In fact,
the Japanese people of the French complex,
far beyond our imagination: delicacy,
red wine,
white blonde,
royal buildings,
French kiss.
No matter how complicated the mind,
How careful the island people,
see the French two words,
immediately becomes a single cell biological rhythm,
slobber straight down three thousand feet TV drama.
usually chase the buddy how many have the impression of French,
France experienced the plot often implanted play,
only to raise the taste,
add flavor.
For example,
in 2014 a lovelorn [chocolate maker] (also translated: lovelorn people: lovelorn,
Japanese occupation chocolate lumira u TE or so) story origin is the actor of small animals too cool (played by Matsumoto Jun) in the pursuit of lov