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What do the artisan enterprises do in the eyes of the prime minister?

ring s year NPC and CPPCC,
Prime Minister Li Keqiang on behalf of the State Council to the four session of the twelve National Peoples Congress to make the government work report for the first time formally proposed,
to encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization,
flexible production,
cultivate the excellence of the artisan spirit,
increasing the variety,
quality and creating brand.
At the same time,
in the second session of the Chinese quality awards ceremony,
Premier Li Keqiang stressed again,
carry forward the artisan spirit,
to climb the peak of quality,
create more consumer satisfaction with the brand,
make the pursuit of excellence,
advocating quality has become the whole society and the whole nations value orientation and spirit of the times.
For a time,
artisan spirit aroused heated discussion from all walks of life,
and was unanimously recognized by all walks of life.
what is the craftsman spirit? Traditionally,
we put good at hammering craftsmen called craftsma