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Today Chinese was hit

ring millions of financial high net worth fans who do not pay attention to finance,
you will be abandoned by the world,
because you can hardly catch up with the speed of printing money at the rate of making money.
This is the original subscription number,
author Huang Sheng,
like investment network chairman,
graduated from Peking University,
six years of commercial banks,
with seven years of experience in PE investment,
China well-known investors,
currency experts,
money game behind the Diaoyu islands.
investment and other business cooperation with WeChat personal please: hs600036,
please explain why cooperation.
Start to take care of sina micro-blog,
over the past three years,
almost did not take care of micro-blog,
now return three years ago my micro-blog very fire,
every day is very busy now,
millions of people gathered,
also hope that old friends to reunite.
Micro-blog will write some short comments,
my Sina micro-blog name is: under the wind and rain,
Mount Huangshan - Huang Shen