chrome hearts

The painting of the Republic of China on the tip of the tongue

ring  strangers to the Republic of China.
When it comes to the world and culture,
we can also say 123 with our fingers.
To say the delicacy,
mostly with those of celebrities on a great reputation.
They can eat delicious,
love pondering whether political figures,
or have enough effort for men of literature and writing,
the taste on the tongue.
Qi Baishi: Qi Baishi has a picture of life to eat cabbage cabbage freehand figure on the screen,
dotted with red pepper,
the peony is the king of flowers,
litchi fruit first,
only cabbage vegetables regardless of the king,
why? So the Chinese cabbage dish king reputation spread like wildfire.
Guests with braised pork wrapped pork,
Chinese cabbage leaves.
Qi carefully leaves the Chinese cabbage trembling,
and ordered the family to put the vegetable leaves on the table,
put salt on it and eat porridge at noon.
Qi Baishi,
cabbage map one day,
Qi Baishi sitting in the studio,
heard outside shouting,
selling Chinese cabbage.
He had an idea,