chrome hearts

Tang Hui returned from tomorrow at eight live Rackow vs Real Madrid

ring  fans from La Liga have not seen each other for a long time.
This small half,
we only occasionally in WeChat,
Star Sports Radio and octopus TV brush contact remote sense,
love yourself familiar with and the Spanish stage.
there is still your support,
and it is because of this support that we have a stronger comeback momentum.
the new project we are brewing - the camera club - will be ready for trial operation.
Without the leadership of the Yang pedantic breath,
do not go to the fans and narrow rivalry,
our own things,
looking forward to the new viewing experience to everyone,
listen to gossip over us in vain,
but also to feel the zero distance atmosphere.
Beijing time 20 a.
(Spain time 14),
Tang Hui from his line of eat began to live,
then take a look at Real Madrid and La players before Caichang,
23 (Spanish time 17 points) on the VIP box to watch the game.
For the first trial run,
please search for La Liga de la Da at octopus TV to lock Tang Hui.
A fu