chrome hearts

Suffering from cerebral palsy was not like her husband had attempted to write poems of the peasant Dutch act the highest sales in 20 years

ring  said she was suffering from congenital cerebral palsy,
primary school need crutches,
junior high school because of inferiority and attempted Dutch act,
never graduated from high school into a forced marriage without feeling,
let her husband pay talks,
stopped a speeding car,
you are disabled,
he did not dare to hit you.
Her life has no dignity,
until a poem called go through most of the China to sleep with you became popular,
and people realized that there was such a gifted poetess named Yu Xiuhua.
Yu Xiuhua was born in the countryside of Hubei in 1976.
About two years,
the village of the same age children have been familiar to walk,
she was to sit up.
Family began to worry,
seeking medical treatment everywhere,
and finally she was diagnosed with congenital cerebral palsy,
but fortunately there is no problem with intelligence.
When she was in elementary school,
she walked back to school in turn,
because she couldnt walk.
By the classmates,
she insisted on crutches to go to school,