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Don't imitate a magazine and cheat yourself. It's your own hair problem

ring  the magazine hairstyle but because their total amount more or less and defeat? In fact,
the amount of fat too much or too little can easily adjust even the most simple hairstyle,
come to different plastic volume also have different ways but this stylist is not easily revealed today for the second stunt Iran step you secret skills adjustment volume half hairdo is the use of hair technique: a small amount of fat,
in order to keep the neck hair thick,
long hair bundle quantity is not too much; on the contrary,
the amount of many girls as much as possible since the hair feels more relaxed! The simplest ponytail,
the simplest ponytail,
simply adjusts the height of the bundle and the amount of hair that comes in and makes the ponytail lovely.
Popular ponytail is in a lower position,
but fewer girls can improve the position of the ponytail,
while girls with more hair are getting lower.
The proportion of gold hair balls meatball heads position is very important,
a small amount of fat people is higher,