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[Beijing] science lesson 55 activities about George Schaller coming physical values Yan burst table 83 zoologist double

ring heavy message! The world famous zoologist Dr.
George Schaller will complete the Tibetan Plateau in 2016 survey next Thursday,
summer snow leopard,
Grandpa will once again boarded the science lesson of the podium,
missing last year science lesson 47: George Schaller,
our era of adventure legend classmates,
please take the time to sign up for this.
The number of entries will exceed the standard,
and the only secret for getting a place is to fill in the registration form carefully.
The last two are not mandatory to fill in the subjective questions.
The first Shanghai dwell on details of the activity time: May 19,
2016 ~ 19:30 location: report of the layer of Department of Beijing Institute of computing (and route map attached) organizer: guest George Schaller Computing Technology Research Institute of shell network,
scientific squirrel,
Chinese Academy of Sciences (George Schaller): Ph.
zoologist and naturalist,
science writer,
international society wildlife protection (WCS) of wild animal pro