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What's the difference between 3 thousand and 30 thousand per month?

ring  is hard in the beginning to end to middle always think money can solve all the problems,
but in fact the money itself is a problem of poverty has extremely rich rich but not the circle of friends in a monthly income of 3 thousand people - I live ones earning 5 thousand people -- I live to a monthly income of 8 thousand people -- I live too poor income 10 thousand -- I cant live to the higher the income can not live ah.
Didnt understand.
But now everyone is not easy to understand! Im a single dog and single Wang Xiaobao,
you dont know long jab,
I can focus on me ~!

ring e title,
please see it!! Even without a sense of violation and!!! Otherwise,
love apartment on the 21 floor? Play with the 22 floor! Its more fun to play together!! Recently,
the Raiders featured a direct click on the text to browse,
you know,
but do not know one of the worlds four major flowers,
she has unparalleled stunning flowers here!! You only know Wuyuan? But I do not know these places on the side,
it is a fairyland in the world! Shanghai Disneyland looks good,
but is it worth 370 yuan?! This Hangzhou side of the Xanadu,
so beautiful,
but few people know! Nepal two years six aircraft crash,
Nepal aircraft actually Ann unsafe? Eight,
yesterday banned the fire drama how dirty?!! The next Festival more fine,
Sa Dingding was suffering embarrassment as fodder for a lifetime to go Tachun pilgrimage road! Every one of us explodes into a circle of friends! Dou Jingtongs new single kills Faye Wong and Dou Wei! Parents still struggling,
you can reply [0] for more destinations Ra

Go to this fairyland in the world, you go to Jiuzhaigou, Hulun Buir, Lake Baikal

ring to imagine that there is such a magical place on the Chinese border.
There are different beautiful scenery all year round,
and the number is endless.
She has the same psychedelic like Xiapus beaches,
as beautiful as Guilin landscape,
like Qinghai Lake golden rape,
as the original ecological landscape like Shangri-La,
like the green meadow like Hulun Buir,
as gorgeous as Jiuzhaigou red mountain,
have the same crystal ice world like Lake Baikal,
as well as the fairy like cattle hill the sea of clouds.
The important thing is that her most beautiful season is coming! This beautiful secluded village,
she Chinese located in the northeast corner of Liaoning in Dandong,
Jilin and the border with North Korea,
just across the river,
beautiful Yalu River and Hun join here,
winding like a green ribbon,
the small village around on a small peninsula,
with two rivers,
a foot three.
That is the place.
A photography / porcelain spoon Fangyanwangqu,
Hun at this border village to turn 180 degrees,
then int

Don't imitate a magazine and cheat yourself. It's your own hair problem

ring  the magazine hairstyle but because their total amount more or less and defeat? In fact,
the amount of fat too much or too little can easily adjust even the most simple hairstyle,
come to different plastic volume also have different ways but this stylist is not easily revealed today for the second stunt Iran step you secret skills adjustment volume half hairdo is the use of hair technique: a small amount of fat,
in order to keep the neck hair thick,
long hair bundle quantity is not too much; on the contrary,
the amount of many girls as much as possible since the hair feels more relaxed! The simplest ponytail,
the simplest ponytail,
simply adjusts the height of the bundle and the amount of hair that comes in and makes the ponytail lovely.
Popular ponytail is in a lower position,
but fewer girls can improve the position of the ponytail,
while girls with more hair are getting lower.
The proportion of gold hair balls meatball heads position is very important,
a small amount of fat people is higher,

You never know how Japanese worship France

ring n Lily mention Japan in France,
it is the capital of TRUE LOVE!! Exports of the two countries to each other,
instant upgrade affixed to the high,
up label,
not to say that the two peoples respect for each others admiration is self-evident.
In fact,
the Japanese people of the French complex,
far beyond our imagination: delicacy,
red wine,
white blonde,
royal buildings,
French kiss.
No matter how complicated the mind,
How careful the island people,
see the French two words,
immediately becomes a single cell biological rhythm,
slobber straight down three thousand feet TV drama.
usually chase the buddy how many have the impression of French,
France experienced the plot often implanted play,
only to raise the taste,
add flavor.
For example,
in 2014 a lovelorn [chocolate maker] (also translated: lovelorn people: lovelorn,
Japanese occupation chocolate lumira u TE or so) story origin is the actor of small animals too cool (played by Matsumoto Jun) in the pursuit of lov

Tang Hui returned from tomorrow at eight live Rackow vs Real Madrid

ring  fans from La Liga have not seen each other for a long time.
This small half,
we only occasionally in WeChat,
Star Sports Radio and octopus TV brush contact remote sense,
love yourself familiar with and the Spanish stage.
there is still your support,
and it is because of this support that we have a stronger comeback momentum.
the new project we are brewing - the camera club - will be ready for trial operation.
Without the leadership of the Yang pedantic breath,
do not go to the fans and narrow rivalry,
our own things,
looking forward to the new viewing experience to everyone,
listen to gossip over us in vain,
but also to feel the zero distance atmosphere.
Beijing time 20 a.
(Spain time 14),
Tang Hui from his line of eat began to live,
then take a look at Real Madrid and La players before Caichang,
23 (Spanish time 17 points) on the VIP box to watch the game.
For the first trial run,
please search for La Liga de la Da at octopus TV to lock Tang Hui.
A fu

Suffering from cerebral palsy was not like her husband had attempted to write poems of the peasant Dutch act the highest sales in 20 years

ring  said she was suffering from congenital cerebral palsy,
primary school need crutches,
junior high school because of inferiority and attempted Dutch act,
never graduated from high school into a forced marriage without feeling,
let her husband pay talks,
stopped a speeding car,
you are disabled,
he did not dare to hit you.
Her life has no dignity,
until a poem called go through most of the China to sleep with you became popular,
and people realized that there was such a gifted poetess named Yu Xiuhua.
Yu Xiuhua was born in the countryside of Hubei in 1976.
About two years,
the village of the same age children have been familiar to walk,
she was to sit up.
Family began to worry,
seeking medical treatment everywhere,
and finally she was diagnosed with congenital cerebral palsy,
but fortunately there is no problem with intelligence.
When she was in elementary school,
she walked back to school in turn,
because she couldnt walk.
By the classmates,
she insisted on crutches to go to school,

Ben 4 running, 5 people have to see

ring J00123987) - different news,
different stories,
millions of people subscribe to the WeChat tuba.
Click on the title under the blue word insight free attention,
we will provide you with valuable and interesting extended reading.
(Graphic integrated network) 1 time to the people and things.
2 filter the people around you and narrow your circle of friends.
3 good at communicating with others and adopting other peoples opinions moderately.
with the life of the people concerned with the consumption of less than nothing to do with life.
5 think more about what you really want,
and think about it without thinking about it.
6 more than 10 people,
in less as far as possible.
The 7 kind,
good at.
What 8 things can be a drag,
so no need to worry,
things are slowly round.
9 to learn hands-on,
reduce the number of people used,
learn how to reduce the burden.
dont think you do better than others,
even if you are great.
reduce residence time,
close to nature.
often asked him

The painting of the Republic of China on the tip of the tongue

ring  strangers to the Republic of China.
When it comes to the world and culture,
we can also say 123 with our fingers.
To say the delicacy,
mostly with those of celebrities on a great reputation.
They can eat delicious,
love pondering whether political figures,
or have enough effort for men of literature and writing,
the taste on the tongue.
Qi Baishi: Qi Baishi has a picture of life to eat cabbage cabbage freehand figure on the screen,
dotted with red pepper,
the peony is the king of flowers,
litchi fruit first,
only cabbage vegetables regardless of the king,
why? So the Chinese cabbage dish king reputation spread like wildfire.
Guests with braised pork wrapped pork,
Chinese cabbage leaves.
Qi carefully leaves the Chinese cabbage trembling,
and ordered the family to put the vegetable leaves on the table,
put salt on it and eat porridge at noon.
Qi Baishi,
cabbage map one day,
Qi Baishi sitting in the studio,
heard outside shouting,
selling Chinese cabbage.
He had an idea,

Twelve horoscope horoscope for fortune May 14th, Aquarius, Gemini, cancer

ring  man who desires to be rich be willing to endure poverty?.
Click here to read more for twelve sign this week twelve constellation fortune this month this month,
there are 3 key dates 7,
must look at the date of fortune! In addition,
many friends read their horoscope to quit,
but in fact,
there are astronomical changes behind the daily fortune analysis,
but also very important! Aries sheep sheep should pay attention to financial expenditure,
do not ignore the feelings of the purse,
ask people to eat,
do not talk too much,
people do not play too greedy and so on.
Today is a good place to take a walk and read books on philosophy and law.
A child with a baby can ask someone about his parenting experience.
Taurus Taurus today by outside interference will increase,
There will be pressure from bosses in your career,
though you are careful and detail oriented,
but the overall situation is inadequate.
Todays birthday,
in the coming

[Beijing] science lesson 55 activities about George Schaller coming physical values Yan burst table 83 zoologist double

ring heavy message! The world famous zoologist Dr.
George Schaller will complete the Tibetan Plateau in 2016 survey next Thursday,
summer snow leopard,
Grandpa will once again boarded the science lesson of the podium,
missing last year science lesson 47: George Schaller,
our era of adventure legend classmates,
please take the time to sign up for this.
The number of entries will exceed the standard,
and the only secret for getting a place is to fill in the registration form carefully.
The last two are not mandatory to fill in the subjective questions.
The first Shanghai dwell on details of the activity time: May 19,
2016 ~ 19:30 location: report of the layer of Department of Beijing Institute of computing (and route map attached) organizer: guest George Schaller Computing Technology Research Institute of shell network,
scientific squirrel,
Chinese Academy of Sciences (George Schaller): Ph.
zoologist and naturalist,
science writer,
international society wildlife protection (WCS) of wild animal pro

Today Chinese was hit

ring millions of financial high net worth fans who do not pay attention to finance,
you will be abandoned by the world,
because you can hardly catch up with the speed of printing money at the rate of making money.
This is the original subscription number,
author Huang Sheng,
like investment network chairman,
graduated from Peking University,
six years of commercial banks,
with seven years of experience in PE investment,
China well-known investors,
currency experts,
money game behind the Diaoyu islands.
investment and other business cooperation with WeChat personal please: hs600036,
please explain why cooperation.
Start to take care of sina micro-blog,
over the past three years,
almost did not take care of micro-blog,
now return three years ago my micro-blog very fire,
every day is very busy now,
millions of people gathered,
also hope that old friends to reunite.
Micro-blog will write some short comments,
my Sina micro-blog name is: under the wind and rain,
Mount Huangshan - Huang Shen

ring mens first edition of the most popular female public number,
click the title below the blue word,
pay attention to her show meat show spring season,
designers have already prepared the fashionable tool for the girls who love beauty.
Slit elements more varied than collar,
becoming the new darling of fashion again.
Atelier Versace Haute Couture Spring 2016 DKNY Spring/Summer 2016 to cool summer,
yet fashionable sexy girls,
may wish to prepare a few pieces of single products to their beautiful open slits! {} slit skirt skirt slits.
Walk with blower effect slit skirt,
long legged girl dressed up,
the swaying appearance was beautiful burst.
You are the most classic black skirt slits all-match,
slits can be divided into anterior slits,
after opening,
side slit and irregular slits.
The slits of the highly regarded individual temperament and preferences,
not necessarily the most sexy dew dew dew,
like non small sexy perhaps more beautiful.
If felt the leg is coarse,
try to choose the slits,
to divert

Finally, Japan has granted 10 years' visa to Chinese citizens

ring urce: Beijing Youth Daily pictures from the network,
following the United States,
South Korea and so on,
Japan will also be issued to Chinese citizens 10 years visa.
At the end of the month,
visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio and foreign minister Wang Yi met in Chinese,
given specific class Chinese as long as 10 years of student visa,
China directly under the Ministry of education in 75 universities to relax visa requirements.
To whom? The same day,
so we met in Japans foreign minister in April 30th,
the Japanese Foreign Ministry website published the Chinese relaxation of visa issuance conditions announcement.
According to the announcement,
the adjustment is aimed at two types of people.
Business people,
cultural and academic persons who apply for multiple visas will be allowed to extend their validity from 5 years to 10 years and further relax their conditions.
The undergraduate and graduate students of 75 universities directly under the Ministry of education of Ch

What do the artisan enterprises do in the eyes of the prime minister?

ring s year NPC and CPPCC,
Prime Minister Li Keqiang on behalf of the State Council to the four session of the twelve National Peoples Congress to make the government work report for the first time formally proposed,
to encourage enterprises to carry out personalized customization,
flexible production,
cultivate the excellence of the artisan spirit,
increasing the variety,
quality and creating brand.
At the same time,
in the second session of the Chinese quality awards ceremony,
Premier Li Keqiang stressed again,
carry forward the artisan spirit,
to climb the peak of quality,
create more consumer satisfaction with the brand,
make the pursuit of excellence,
advocating quality has become the whole society and the whole nations value orientation and spirit of the times.
For a time,
artisan spirit aroused heated discussion from all walks of life,
and was unanimously recognized by all walks of life.
what is the craftsman spirit? Traditionally,
we put good at hammering craftsmen called craftsma