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Zhang Hongjie played his stupid fresh political life is doomed to mediocrity

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress best Hoolock of Ceng Guoquan Zheng Guofan in the other brother qualification is very prominent,
but the overall situation in the world,
compared with Li Hongzhang,
Zuo Zongtang and class character,
mediocre in you.
In Hunan,
Zheng Guofan is the most difficult to the commanding general,
not others,
is his younger brother Zeng guoquan.
Zheng Guofan,
Zeng Guoquan of various period,
the hand and teach him how to fight,
how to get along with people.
the eldest brother Zeng Guoquan letter is usually only I feel retort that Zheng Guofan in the letter said: my brother to exhort the letter,
each not willing to experience,
this can not be the most frequently debate.
This is indeed another important difference between Zeng's