chrome hearts

The women who ran for president in the United States

excerpt eight years ago one night in New Hampshire,
Hilllary Clinton rallies,
a group of people brought slogans,
saying ironing my shirt,
the presidential candidate to staff the lights in the slogan,
-- a perfect example of residual sex discrimination! The historian and commentator Alan PBS's long-term Fitzpatrick chose this scene as his new book the highest glass ceiling: the beginning of women to seek the presidency,
the book traces the Vitoria Wood,
Holzer Margaret Chase Smee and Shirley Chisem,
the three president of women's most successful deeds (a total of more than 200).
The shirts at that moment as a relaxed symbol,
on behalf of the met Hilary during the 2008 campaign to describe the gender bias,
the White House long,
strange road provides a simple sketch f