chrome hearts

The weather is fine tomorrow [] warming to 29 degrees on Thursday to Sunday with rain

first working day of the sky,
but the larger temperature difference between day and night,
remind the boys too coolness.
Tomorrow is clear to cloudy,
the temperature will pick up again,
the highest temperature will be 29 degrees.
But the fine weather will stop on Thursday tomorrow,
rain again exhumation,
next stop until Sunday.
The temperature will drop slightly,
the maximum temperature is about 24-26 degrees.
The next few days the weather on Thursday May 5th: overcast to cloudy with thunderstorms,
20-26 on Friday May 6th: overcast with showers cloudy,
19-25 May 7th Saturday cloudy with thunderstorms,
16-24 of May 8th: Sunday overcast with thunderstorms,
16-24 (source: Shanghai Weather Network)