chrome hearts

The self-restraint of life (suggestion Collection)

in people,
people Knowledge is infinite.
When people treat you as a leader,
do not regard themselves as leaders,
while others regard you as a leader,
he must regard themselves as leaders,
the power is on,
the money is outside the body,
the body is their own,
life is long.
2 don't promise which action will keep a promise inviolate,
reap a habit; sow a habit will reap a character; a character will reap a destiny -- used to create a person.
3 do not ask for help yourself when others reduce pain,
dull ecstasy,
to others when their sympathy,
to understand,
to others when others to respect the independence,
does not infringe on others,
treat yourself as yourself -- cherish their happy life.
To know someone is a kind of wisdom,
can be recognized is a kind of ha