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The media and the Putian Youyi 18 years of war

he Beijing news media reported text screenshot via | | media research photo | media (id:xjbcmyj) in April 12th,
21 year old college student Wei Zexi died.
During the May Day,
his death caused a sensation in the network,
known as a young man who died in the hands of Baidu and the army hospital.
In May 2nd,
net letter office in conjunction with the ministries set up a joint investigation team stationed Baidu Wei Zexi incident investigation.
In May 3rd,
the National Defense Planning Commission,
the Central Military Commission logistics support department,
the Health Bureau,
the armed police force,
the logistics department and the Health Bureau jointly carried out an investigation on Second Hospital of Armed Police Beijing Office.
In fact,
the war between the media and the Putian system ha