chrome hearts

Owe 3 billion 200 million swear not to take Benz, now sit the most expensive Rolls-Royce on two words

inese military strategy (micro signal: hstl8888) 71 year old Yang Shoucheng is still active in the entertainment news.
The world to see him,
but her lascivious,
knowing he was fresh overnight lost all,
because 320 million of the debt and humiliated.
After a legendary experience,
he climbed out of the abyss and founded the king's group.
The emperor is known for its entertainment,
but the entertainment industry accounts for only 1/10 of its business.
Before the person he is still behind the glamorous,
he continued pragmatic endeavour.
He love to enjoy,
also want to enjoy,
in his opinion,
this is the spirit of Hongkong.
Life is not to sit Benz in 1982,
part of the Hong Kong people choose to leave Hongkong,
a lot of real estate,
real estate sales,
appeared in HK financial market crisis jishou.