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Orange peel can still use this, you know?

s the most popular general tea for our living museum,
a lot of people not only drink,
also recommend to friends and family.
Since ancient times,
there is the taste of tea together with other food and general way,
orange is one of Jiapin,
Pu'er tea and citrus peel it skillfully combined,
is a special kind of fruit,
often drink warm stomach,
dredging meridians.
Orange peel is ancient health care medicine,
can Jun can minister,
the taste will be adjusted taste,
and tea will help tea.
Aging is the dehydration of orange peel dried tangerine peel,
in Guangdong for the best Xinhui tangerine peel.
The new peel was more expensive than meat,
among which Meijiang citrus made New Citrus best.
Green acrid,
sweet red.
Orange tea with PU 2006 featured Puer palace,
10 years ago,
is the best period o