chrome hearts

[lake fishing] hand pole fishing is so simple B.

o say,
straight to the point.
Only by mouth bait,
and no fishing skills,
I can not do.
The mouth of the fishing,
to share with you! Wo luring fish when fishing culter,
fishing group general water and 4 half empty hooks,
with bait to catch two or three.
Time to start fishing,
fishing can start pulling big bait,
hit a few balls to gather fish,
wo should be shallow,
do not touch the lead line tail.
Fishing until there are more bubbles out,
fishing friends and then move up the float into the process of fishing.
The water below the surface of half a meter to one meter of water is the mouth activity area,
a large mouth may also rely on down.
Bait fishing when fish mouth,
don't pull the fishing bait ball is too large,
the bait should have hooks and dissolution,
catching both mouth than carp,