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God commented that the holiday had no money, only to play with mobile phones at home, so that tourism does not need to spend a penny

f God comments program sponsored by the United States to sponsor superior products! (due to the arrangement of the column,
the God commentary column is changed to Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday on-line,
the frequency is reduced,
the wonderful is invariable!) According to the previous interactive topic: May Day holiday begins! What were you planning to do and how are you doing now? Describe with a piece of text or a picture! Xiao Bian,
continues to pick up some interesting comments to interact with! Comment No.
1: Leo: three hours from the first female ticket,
6 hours from the second women's ticket,
10 hours from third hours.
Comment No.
two: part time Gome sales Leo: originally planned to go to the United States,
the result can only visit gome! Ah! Life! No.
three comments: fat