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Finally wait until this year's big red carpet accident scene, METGala red and black list

earth people are waiting for the big red carpet crash scene.
Menghui from the eastern part of the picture editor | IC 2016 Met Gala in New York on May 2nd evening kicked off,
every year the earth people are waiting for the big red carpet scene -- the theme of this year's era of science and technology and fashion is not only reflected in the stars of the dress pattern,
some does not look very closely dresscode dress,
actually the top technology for fabric and production - this is the general public can see,
but not part of the personal perception.
most of the red carpet guests do not have a new height,
but also many stars stepped on the ray - not much said,
take a look at this Met Gala red carpet red and black list.
It's hard to keep track of dresscode.
! But as long as b