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Exposure of the United States group public comment, buy deposit prostitution services, marked price of 880 yuan

on: involving Huang clubs hiding Luxury Apartments,
by public comment,
the United States Mission Network to buy ways to sell pornographic services.
The club will recruit 19 year old female students from the recruitment website to provide customers with all kinds of erotic services ranging from 880 yuan to 2980 yuan.
Source: JINGWAH times Author: Xin Xin recently,
Haidian Public Security Bureau Wanshou Road community police team found and locked a gang involved in yellow.
The afternoon of April 27th,
the police team in conjunction with the Bureau of public security detachment every Duandiao the jurisprudence gangs,
arrested 10 jurisprudence staff,
seized a large number of items involved.
11 women reported more bands of different men upstairs to the evening of April 20th,
a high-gra