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Enlarge your pattern depth:

i Zhongbo source: the pattern determines all patterns: people can only make money in the pattern of their understanding of money.
The pattern of man's understanding of money determines the amount of money a man will spend in his life.
The understanding of money does not evolve,
the money will never be gone,
and the money that you own will be lost.
Every generation of entrepreneurs has the same puzzle.
Why can't the 40s born entrepreneur confused myself as Ren Zhengfei (born 1944) was born in 50s,
why not entrepreneurs confused myself as Wang Jianlin (born 1954) was born in 60s,
why not entrepreneurs become confused MA (born 1964) was born in 70s,
why not entrepreneurs confused myself as Ma Huateng (born 1971) was born in 80s,
why not the entrepreneurs themselves become confused Cheng