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Cook exposes iPhone7 new features so that you can not refuse

ght a wide range of declines in the first quarter of this year,
including iPhone sales and so forth.
many investors thought Apple was out of the question and dumped Apple's stock.
It was Cook's most annoying time! But as a whole,
Cook is not worried about Apple,
and in his eyes,
Apple's lost results will be found on the next generation of iPhone! Cook exposes iPhone 7: new features so that you can not refuse! In the CNBC Mad Money program,
Cook said something about a new generation of iPhone,
he said,
Apple has not stopped innovation,
for a new generation of iPhone products will have some of your life cannot do without the function,
so you can not refuse,
and hand machine itself is also very attractive! Enough to let the old iPhone users to fall over each other to change! In addi