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Children lost in the end should be how to do, parents do look at it

intermediary claims that all stores will become China's lost children Guardian station News cited controversy,
the circulation of the enterprise version is also accused of false.
Police remind: children lost,
should stand in situ waiting for parents to find or police relief,
and do not easily believe strangers.
Children lost,
parents should immediately call the police,
do not need more than 24 hours! Film and television works have disappeared more than 24 hours,
the police will be placed on file line.
Police Fang Chengqing: children,
girls are missing or lost,
guardians should be reported immediately after receiving the report,
police will initiate an investigation for the first time,
do not need to wait for 24 hours.
The child lost,
timely warning! How do the children lost,
look down