chrome hearts

A fool to ask worth not high EQ people love, honey has contribution

ome love each other warm,
love is a burning heart to destroy the liver,
some love is a moth,
some love is sincere equality.
By Chen Baocai has a red sun descendants of the Korean network Tucao,
said the female pig is too wonderful,
for example,
such a good man,
you have to torture him,
do you know how many people want to tease him,
how many people like him,
how many people think he is sleeping.
what are you doing? God to tease you,
you do not cherish? Also let the pain God create all sorts of obstacles,
and you are really nervous.
About this,
I mentioned in the group of members of the Institute of love in love yesterday.
I said the best love is for me to kill you.
You still love me,
and you don't torture me.
No way,
other men's God love this,
is so cheap.
You have the ability,
male go