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45 minutes female physiological period Yoga arrangement

ing is the style of women in the menstrual period in a few days of practice,
the style of yoga teacher arrangement,
do not change the order of December 2012,
the United States Gloroa Goldberg senior yoga teacher taught yoga courses: 1: 2: 3 hero flexion: single leg flexion extension flexion 4: semi flexion 5: type 6 mountain Hero: supine hero 7: beam angle: 8 supine angle seated 9 beam angle type 10: hand rod type 11: Bridge shoulderstand 12: 13: BOX: Gita Aiyang flexion Savasana (Geeta lyengar),
after menstruation to stop for a long period of time,
the inverted body,
promote blood circulation,
balance The endocrine system; the body leans back to coordinate the function of the liver; twists the body and massages the internal organs of the body.
Increasing the number of breaths is also be