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05030508 week horoscope how to sit tight to the angel's wings

mercury is retrograde and,
more importantly,
Jupiter is ready to go direct.
Jupiter is the solar system in a large Jetion,
it began to retrograde in early 2016,
in the past four months,
we in the diet,
health care and other aspects,
found that there are so many problems,
when to stop retrograde,
this problem will be turned out,
then let's face.
It is convenient to face up to the present,
better to face the far future.
Last week,
when I met a little girl,
she studied psychology abroad,
smart and savvy,
but also rather stubborn.
She was worried about her marriage,
and she had some kind of obsession.
I must be older,
at least eight or ten.
She was incomparably longing to know what was going on in her middle age and her old age.
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