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Cook exposes iPhone7 new features so that you can not refuse

ght a wide range of declines in the first quarter of this year,
including iPhone sales and so forth.
many investors thought Apple was out of the question and dumped Apple's stock.
It was Cook's most annoying time! But as a whole,
Cook is not worried about Apple,
and in his eyes,
Apple's lost results will be found on the next generation of iPhone! Cook exposes iPhone 7: new features so that you can not refuse! In the CNBC Mad Money program,
Cook said something about a new generation of iPhone,
he said,
Apple has not stopped innovation,
for a new generation of iPhone products will have some of your life cannot do without the function,
so you can not refuse,
and hand machine itself is also very attractive! Enough to let the old iPhone users to fall over each other to change! In addi

One yuan to get a cell phone, a car to beware of a raffle, a new scam

listen to the wonderful introduction,
the market value of about 300000 yuan luxury cars,
brand-name bags,
flagship mobile phones,
you can get a dollar.
! Usually someone wants to tell you that,
I'm sure you won't believe it.
But recently,
this kind of good thing that can make a big deal on the Internet has become everywhere.
Valuable cars,
famous bags handy,
imagine who can not be tempted? What we said just now is a shopping website called one yuan draw.
Log on to this site and you'll get the lucky draw for just one yuan,
and you'll have the chance to pick up hundreds of thousands of BMW cars.
You might ask,
what about the winning rate? Don't worry,
the website with a variety of lucky video xianshenshuifa responded: very high.
is it really cheap to make such a r

The ten most difficult to settle down in the city, the gap is so great!

above the Tencent finance,
experience more exciting content lead released in April 29th blue book of social system,
Chinese Hukou open 10 city is the lowest are Beijing City,
Shanghai City,
Sanya City,
Guangzhou City,
Shenzhen City,
Haikou City,
Tianjin City,
Suzhou City,
Qingdao City,
Xi'an city.
Under current conditions,
it is the most difficult to obtain urban hukou in Beijing.
April 29th release of social blue book put forward,
Chinese household registration open 10 city is the lowest are Beijing City,
Shanghai City,
Sanya City,
Guangzhou City,
Shenzhen City,
Haikou City,
Tianjin City,
Suzhou City,
Qingdao City,
Xi'an city.
Under current conditions,
it is the most difficult to obtain urban hukou in Beijing.
In April 29th,
jointly organized by the Institute of social research at the

The self-restraint of life (suggestion Collection)

in people,
people Knowledge is infinite.
When people treat you as a leader,
do not regard themselves as leaders,
while others regard you as a leader,
he must regard themselves as leaders,
the power is on,
the money is outside the body,
the body is their own,
life is long.
2 don't promise which action will keep a promise inviolate,
reap a habit; sow a habit will reap a character; a character will reap a destiny -- used to create a person.
3 do not ask for help yourself when others reduce pain,
dull ecstasy,
to others when their sympathy,
to understand,
to others when others to respect the independence,
does not infringe on others,
treat yourself as yourself -- cherish their happy life.
To know someone is a kind of wisdom,
can be recognized is a kind of ha

ad the poem the original version of the official APP1.
0 long according to the two-dimensional code,
you can download for desire to restore the innocent and free you look for a moment I read a poem to you is very light,
very careful I read a poem for you quietly and fondly.
poetic life is soft and pure adhere to the poetry as you read the original official App,
is Be My Guest as you read poetry following the launch of WeChat public read poetry for you (ID:thepoemforyou),
the first official release of the App products,
hoping to restore people sensitive to poetry of life,
for the soul free for a while.
In this rush of time,
read poetry for you is more natural and calm in your daily life.
Since June 1,
read for you through the official public WeChat aired the first phase

A fool to ask worth not high EQ people love, honey has contribution

ome love each other warm,
love is a burning heart to destroy the liver,
some love is a moth,
some love is sincere equality.
By Chen Baocai has a red sun descendants of the Korean network Tucao,
said the female pig is too wonderful,
for example,
such a good man,
you have to torture him,
do you know how many people want to tease him,
how many people like him,
how many people think he is sleeping.
what are you doing? God to tease you,
you do not cherish? Also let the pain God create all sorts of obstacles,
and you are really nervous.
About this,
I mentioned in the group of members of the Institute of love in love yesterday.
I said the best love is for me to kill you.
You still love me,
and you don't torture me.
No way,
other men's God love this,
is so cheap.
You have the ability,
male go

Recommendation number one life, not white busy, just do 3 things

reat yourself as a waste without death.
seriously you lose,
always be serious,
you win.
there are many unfinished dreams,
why do you have to stop?.
Circle is really important,
seize the debris learning,
these few micro signals can not miss! We view the Internet micro signal: szwanba long by two-dimensional code recognition attention recommended reason: the most influential internet media since 2015,
500 thousand Internet elites,
the Internet best comment characters year Mr.
Li Dawei editor in chief,
focusing on Internet innovation and entrepreneurship,
Internet plus,
science and technology,
electricity providers and other industry trends,
insight analysis.
China Economic Net micro signal: ourcecn long by two-dimensional code recognition attention recommended reason: read s

FitbitCEO Apple went in the wrong direction on AppleWatch

May 3rd news,
according to technology blog AppleInsider reported that the wearable device manufacturers Fitbit CEO James Por (James Park) in an interview recently,
the disclosure of the company is how to resist direct competition with apple in the last year.
He thinks apple is in the wrong direction on Apple Watch.
James Por said that Fitbit's flagship health function,
and Apple Watch is a different product category,
the latter also joined the special health tracking function.
He believes that Fitbit products are generally simple,
single mode devices,
while Apple is what everything to Apple Watch plug.
We look at the product from a consumer point of view,
James Por said.
Apple Watch is a computing platform,
and apple is wrong to fix Apple Watch as a product category at the very beginni

Thepeoplesperson can't get into the first team

United fans network Oh can subscribe according to thepeoplesperson.
com news,
Manchester City in the 1:1 draw with Leicester home court,
but once the United legend,
King Cantona also came to the scene of the match at old trafford.
At the end of the game,
who did not appear in the public eye for a long time,
came to the dressing room and posed for a photo with Cantona.
Reports say Parreira's condition and performance failed to convince Van Gaal.
While there are rumors that Parreira and januzaj two attitude has a problem,
this has caused them to always unable to get first-team opportunities.
Details please click to read the original.
! Welcome to the United fans net official WeChat menu bar Manchester United news information to obtain first-hand information to register

45 minutes female physiological period Yoga arrangement

ing is the style of women in the menstrual period in a few days of practice,
the style of yoga teacher arrangement,
do not change the order of December 2012,
the United States Gloroa Goldberg senior yoga teacher taught yoga courses: 1: 2: 3 hero flexion: single leg flexion extension flexion 4: semi flexion 5: type 6 mountain Hero: supine hero 7: beam angle: 8 supine angle seated 9 beam angle type 10: hand rod type 11: Bridge shoulderstand 12: 13: BOX: Gita Aiyang flexion Savasana (Geeta lyengar),
after menstruation to stop for a long period of time,
the inverted body,
promote blood circulation,
balance The endocrine system; the body leans back to coordinate the function of the liver; twists the body and massages the internal organs of the body.
Increasing the number of breaths is also be

Van Gaal expects too much of Manchester United

United fans network Oh can subscribe according to thepeoplesperson.
com news,
2015 United at the end of the season the team awards,
Van Gaal with a drunken rant do stunts.
In 2016,
Van Gaal's speech once again stole the show,
the Holland coach completely gave people to him no longer have the patience of reason.
Details please click to read the original.
! Welcome to the United fans net official WeChat menu bar Manchester United news information to obtain first-hand information to register Manchester United fans can be registered as a member,
and fifty thousand Reds fans interact more chance to get the official version of the United players Signed Jersey (including club official certificate).
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micro signal WWWMUREDSC

Japanese style beef rice and Chinese dressing can also be done

Beef in Japanese Style rice sweet mouth,
reduce the odor of beef,
with boiled until soft rotten onion is more fragrant juice not greasy.
Always want to go outside with Chinese friends,
but also can make Japanese flavor seasoning,
filled with fresh sweet juice beef meal is delicious ah ~ -- Yoshinoya beef rice -- Byolivia85 -- materials -- 1 pounds of beef pieces (Hot pot with the kind of,
I do is for 4 Oh 1 onion (shredded) 1) carrots (sliced) broccoli 1 4 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons of cooking wine 3 spoon of sesame oil a little soy sauce 2 tablespoons of honey 1 tablespoons of water 2 tablespoons of water,
a little starch solution - sliced carrot,
broccoli Baicheng small bud wash and blanch,
Pour in a little sesame oil and black sesame.
Mix well.
Boil a pot of water,

Children lost in the end should be how to do, parents do look at it

intermediary claims that all stores will become China's lost children Guardian station News cited controversy,
the circulation of the enterprise version is also accused of false.
Police remind: children lost,
should stand in situ waiting for parents to find or police relief,
and do not easily believe strangers.
Children lost,
parents should immediately call the police,
do not need more than 24 hours! Film and television works have disappeared more than 24 hours,
the police will be placed on file line.
Police Fang Chengqing: children,
girls are missing or lost,
guardians should be reported immediately after receiving the report,
police will initiate an investigation for the first time,
do not need to wait for 24 hours.
The child lost,
timely warning! How do the children lost,
look down

The weather is fine tomorrow [] warming to 29 degrees on Thursday to Sunday with rain

first working day of the sky,
but the larger temperature difference between day and night,
remind the boys too coolness.
Tomorrow is clear to cloudy,
the temperature will pick up again,
the highest temperature will be 29 degrees.
But the fine weather will stop on Thursday tomorrow,
rain again exhumation,
next stop until Sunday.
The temperature will drop slightly,
the maximum temperature is about 24-26 degrees.
The next few days the weather on Thursday May 5th: overcast to cloudy with thunderstorms,
20-26 on Friday May 6th: overcast with showers cloudy,
19-25 May 7th Saturday cloudy with thunderstorms,
16-24 of May 8th: Sunday overcast with thunderstorms,
16-24 (source: Shanghai Weather Network)

God commented that the holiday had no money, only to play with mobile phones at home, so that tourism does not need to spend a penny

f God comments program sponsored by the United States to sponsor superior products! (due to the arrangement of the column,
the God commentary column is changed to Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday on-line,
the frequency is reduced,
the wonderful is invariable!) According to the previous interactive topic: May Day holiday begins! What were you planning to do and how are you doing now? Describe with a piece of text or a picture! Xiao Bian,
continues to pick up some interesting comments to interact with! Comment No.
1: Leo: three hours from the first female ticket,
6 hours from the second women's ticket,
10 hours from third hours.
Comment No.
two: part time Gome sales Leo: originally planned to go to the United States,
the result can only visit gome! Ah! Life! No.
three comments: fat

Chinese people are always putting their cell phones on

ote: Nowadays,
all kinds of Internet mobile phones are selling fast and buying in two or three minutes.
Compared with traditional mobile phone stores,
sales promotion is selling crazy.
Offline mobile phone shop suffered the impact of the Internet,
how big? Are their living conditions going from bad to worse? Is helpless struggling or tangled transformation? The daily push technology (micro signal apptoday) will continue for the domestic mobile phone shop employees to carry out in-depth research this year,
to talk about the industry behind the change and emotional story,
also hope to be able to store employees to help bring mobile phone.
The emergence of smart phones has led to a new industry: cell phone foil.
All kinds of types of film,
99% transmittance 5H hardness and various paramet

The most powerful barber shops in the world are here

| as general industrial design station (ID:iamdesign) the shop owner authorized to release and reprint please contact the author present the most popular fashion men's hair is commonly known as the big back head oil head regardless of fashion show at T stage or street can often see their top model or metrosexual man oil head modeling debut today we have to introduce a few most have forced only for men hair barber shop of Holland Rotterdam Schorem amounting to a barber shop a lot of rules,
don't talk nonsense,
Schorem completely preserved the furnishings and decorations 100 years ago.
The cash register was an old antique more than 150 years ago.
The store stylists are yuppie gentleman,
using the traditional old school razor cut out the hair,
and then cast a bright oily wax.
In additi

Enlarge your pattern depth:

i Zhongbo source: the pattern determines all patterns: people can only make money in the pattern of their understanding of money.
The pattern of man's understanding of money determines the amount of money a man will spend in his life.
The understanding of money does not evolve,
the money will never be gone,
and the money that you own will be lost.
Every generation of entrepreneurs has the same puzzle.
Why can't the 40s born entrepreneur confused myself as Ren Zhengfei (born 1944) was born in 50s,
why not entrepreneurs confused myself as Wang Jianlin (born 1954) was born in 60s,
why not entrepreneurs become confused MA (born 1964) was born in 70s,
why not entrepreneurs confused myself as Ma Huateng (born 1971) was born in 80s,
why not the entrepreneurs themselves become confused Cheng

Exposure of the United States group public comment, buy deposit prostitution services, marked price of 880 yuan

on: involving Huang clubs hiding Luxury Apartments,
by public comment,
the United States Mission Network to buy ways to sell pornographic services.
The club will recruit 19 year old female students from the recruitment website to provide customers with all kinds of erotic services ranging from 880 yuan to 2980 yuan.
Source: JINGWAH times Author: Xin Xin recently,
Haidian Public Security Bureau Wanshou Road community police team found and locked a gang involved in yellow.
The afternoon of April 27th,
the police team in conjunction with the Bureau of public security detachment every Duandiao the jurisprudence gangs,
arrested 10 jurisprudence staff,
seized a large number of items involved.
11 women reported more bands of different men upstairs to the evening of April 20th,
a high-gra

Owe 3 billion 200 million swear not to take Benz, now sit the most expensive Rolls-Royce on two words

inese military strategy (micro signal: hstl8888) 71 year old Yang Shoucheng is still active in the entertainment news.
The world to see him,
but her lascivious,
knowing he was fresh overnight lost all,
because 320 million of the debt and humiliated.
After a legendary experience,
he climbed out of the abyss and founded the king's group.
The emperor is known for its entertainment,
but the entertainment industry accounts for only 1/10 of its business.
Before the person he is still behind the glamorous,
he continued pragmatic endeavour.
He love to enjoy,
also want to enjoy,
in his opinion,
this is the spirit of Hongkong.
Life is not to sit Benz in 1982,
part of the Hong Kong people choose to leave Hongkong,
a lot of real estate,
real estate sales,
appeared in HK financial market crisis jishou.

Zhang Hongjie played his stupid fresh political life is doomed to mediocrity

lick the blue [] you view view highlights - Abstract ID:ipress best Hoolock of Ceng Guoquan Zheng Guofan in the other brother qualification is very prominent,
but the overall situation in the world,
compared with Li Hongzhang,
Zuo Zongtang and class character,
mediocre in you.
In Hunan,
Zheng Guofan is the most difficult to the commanding general,
not others,
is his younger brother Zeng guoquan.
Zheng Guofan,
Zeng Guoquan of various period,
the hand and teach him how to fight,
how to get along with people.
the eldest brother Zeng Guoquan letter is usually only I feel retort that Zheng Guofan in the letter said: my brother to exhort the letter,
each not willing to experience,
this can not be the most frequently debate.
This is indeed another important difference between Zeng's

Orange peel can still use this, you know?

s the most popular general tea for our living museum,
a lot of people not only drink,
also recommend to friends and family.
Since ancient times,
there is the taste of tea together with other food and general way,
orange is one of Jiapin,
Pu'er tea and citrus peel it skillfully combined,
is a special kind of fruit,
often drink warm stomach,
dredging meridians.
Orange peel is ancient health care medicine,
can Jun can minister,
the taste will be adjusted taste,
and tea will help tea.
Aging is the dehydration of orange peel dried tangerine peel,
in Guangdong for the best Xinhui tangerine peel.
The new peel was more expensive than meat,
among which Meijiang citrus made New Citrus best.
Green acrid,
sweet red.
Orange tea with PU 2006 featured Puer palace,
10 years ago,
is the best period o

This car has the life I want

not just commuting commuting,
but also the poetry and distance you yearn for.
If this is a false proposition,
it may be that you have not met the right person,
or that you have not met the right trolley.
The By the car drives well wow,
I think,
life really will change because of the things around and there is a big difference! After driving,
Amy excitedly gave me a chicken soup.
Come on,
gossip about today's leading female Amy,
career designer,
typical Virgo personality.
She works in a variety of cities,
CBD conference room,
coffee shop,
see different customers,
talking about different cutting-edge ideas.
Such a lively,
stylish and independent girl,
last week in WeChat and I spit water work numb,
passion as before,
let me take her out to play crazy.
A cup of coffee and a wonderful aftern

Finally wait until this year's big red carpet accident scene, METGala red and black list

earth people are waiting for the big red carpet crash scene.
Menghui from the eastern part of the picture editor | IC 2016 Met Gala in New York on May 2nd evening kicked off,
every year the earth people are waiting for the big red carpet scene -- the theme of this year's era of science and technology and fashion is not only reflected in the stars of the dress pattern,
some does not look very closely dresscode dress,
actually the top technology for fabric and production - this is the general public can see,
but not part of the personal perception.
most of the red carpet guests do not have a new height,
but also many stars stepped on the ray - not much said,
take a look at this Met Gala red carpet red and black list.
It's hard to keep track of dresscode.
! But as long as b

Why automatic acceleration slow fuel consumption high?

rs sold on the market are now available in myriad configurations,
and some even have different engines to choose from.
most of the new cars have only two transmissions,
the manual version of the lower version,
and the higher configuration version of the automatic (of course,
there are other optional,
but most of these two).
Most people are sure to buy automatic,
worry free,
we looked at a lot of multimedia test reports and found that almost all versions of the automatic transmission were slower in speed,
and even fuel consumption than the lower version of the manual transmission.
Generally speaking,
the engine is the same,
the automatic block is obviously more expensive,
how can the performance is still lower? Before explaining this question,

Say go, go away, she played a golden week in Japan, but only spent 5000 yuan

he all Japanese fan community (ID:iJapan520).
Here's everything you want to know about Japan.
Did you make it? Now the community Jun top,
please click on the home page at the upper right corner of the icon head! This article source: Tokyo New Youth (tokyomen),
my understanding of travel is,
twenty years old tour,
look at the mountain,
watch the water,
see the story.
Thirty year old swims,
looks at the history,
looks at the culture,
looks the stimulation.
The forty year old tour,
underestimate bearish,
see yourself.
And most of us are twenty years old,
have time,
no money,
thirty years old is rich,
no time,
to forty years old,
found that he has no to travel mood.
in the face of travel,
the most important question is: can I travel without money? I have a little money has been to many pla

05030508 week horoscope how to sit tight to the angel's wings

mercury is retrograde and,
more importantly,
Jupiter is ready to go direct.
Jupiter is the solar system in a large Jetion,
it began to retrograde in early 2016,
in the past four months,
we in the diet,
health care and other aspects,
found that there are so many problems,
when to stop retrograde,
this problem will be turned out,
then let's face.
It is convenient to face up to the present,
better to face the far future.
Last week,
when I met a little girl,
she studied psychology abroad,
smart and savvy,
but also rather stubborn.
She was worried about her marriage,
and she had some kind of obsession.
I must be older,
at least eight or ten.
She was incomparably longing to know what was going on in her middle age and her old age.
the number can

Internet exposure women let children urinate on the plane floor, Beijing City

l urgent notice: there are 37 days from dragon boat festival! There are 37 days before the Dragon Boat festival! There are 37 days before the Dragon Boat festival! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times。 May day,
where do you go? 51 street full of small lovers,
Xiaobian in the home to sleep,
not see the heart does not bother.
Today's bachelor is really out of the way.
The day before,
@ Ping Beijing released a few wonderful shots,
said a member of the public to see two dogs on the Ass Ass,
suspected child dog dog ass sewn together.
So he decided to call the police! The police Milo mood that must collapse.
Xiao Bian guess that guy,
then saw this scene.
It's really pure.
I suggest you look at the animal world.
The police Milo is indeed wrong,
dog abuse,
but abuse is like a small

Fan Shengmei and Xiao Xiao Qu who hate

ossip (micro signal yansubagua) prohibit unauthorized reprint,
reprint and cooperation please consult @ Luo Beibei,
or mail to mszhangziyan@foxmail.
com] PS certainly welcome you to the original forwarded to the circle of friends may rest during the received private letter and mail,
said the Ode to joy the so-called three collapse discontent.
Had not thought,
Ode to joy instead of sex and the city or fenhongnvlang,
finally seems to evolve into the adult version of the times,
22 floor,
five beauty is not like each other (but will be deeply attached to each other,
even their boyfriends are likely to be involved in such a team),
each tear X triggered at any moment.
The character values of controversy,
mainly concentrated in the Shengmei Qu Xiao Xiao Fan and the two person first to

The women who ran for president in the United States

excerpt eight years ago one night in New Hampshire,
Hilllary Clinton rallies,
a group of people brought slogans,
saying ironing my shirt,
the presidential candidate to staff the lights in the slogan,
-- a perfect example of residual sex discrimination! The historian and commentator Alan PBS's long-term Fitzpatrick chose this scene as his new book the highest glass ceiling: the beginning of women to seek the presidency,
the book traces the Vitoria Wood,
Holzer Margaret Chase Smee and Shirley Chisem,
the three president of women's most successful deeds (a total of more than 200).
The shirts at that moment as a relaxed symbol,
on behalf of the met Hilary during the 2008 campaign to describe the gender bias,
the White House long,
strange road provides a simple sketch f

The media and the Putian Youyi 18 years of war

he Beijing news media reported text screenshot via | | media research photo | media (id:xjbcmyj) in April 12th,
21 year old college student Wei Zexi died.
During the May Day,
his death caused a sensation in the network,
known as a young man who died in the hands of Baidu and the army hospital.
In May 2nd,
net letter office in conjunction with the ministries set up a joint investigation team stationed Baidu Wei Zexi incident investigation.
In May 3rd,
the National Defense Planning Commission,
the Central Military Commission logistics support department,
the Health Bureau,
the armed police force,
the logistics department and the Health Bureau jointly carried out an investigation on Second Hospital of Armed Police Beijing Office.
In fact,
the war between the media and the Putian system ha

[lake fishing] hand pole fishing is so simple B.

o say,
straight to the point.
Only by mouth bait,
and no fishing skills,
I can not do.
The mouth of the fishing,
to share with you! Wo luring fish when fishing culter,
fishing group general water and 4 half empty hooks,
with bait to catch two or three.
Time to start fishing,
fishing can start pulling big bait,
hit a few balls to gather fish,
wo should be shallow,
do not touch the lead line tail.
Fishing until there are more bubbles out,
fishing friends and then move up the float into the process of fishing.
The water below the surface of half a meter to one meter of water is the mouth activity area,
a large mouth may also rely on down.
Bait fishing when fish mouth,
don't pull the fishing bait ball is too large,
the bait should have hooks and dissolution,
catching both mouth than carp,

Calligraphy on ancient coins is not the same as the United States

ne of the earliest currency manufacturing country in the world,
round shape variety,
jade chopsticks,
thin gold all the body has a set of ancient calligraphy,
grand view.
Since ancient times,
emperors have been very particular about coins,
and many coins have been written by emperors,
written by famous calligraphers or written by famous calligraphers.
The beauty of ancient calligraphy,
is Zhuji,
remember the year reign with words of heavenly stems and earthly branches.
The fragrance,
the script,
mainly for static beauty,
but the seal strokes full of twists and turns,
with regular script,
zhe fold,
and a dynamic sense.
The spring and Autumn period,
the knife cloth won money seal in the spring and Au